Marquee Wooden Floor

Marquee Wooden Floor

Sale price £140.00 + Vat Regular price £350.00

A wooden floor is the must have for most marquee events.  Ideally carpeted as well, floors give a top class feel to your marquee, stopping 'high heels' sinking and getting stuck and giving a better surface for dining, dancing and walking on.

We stock two types of wooden floor; interlocking ply and extruded board.  The price for either is the same, as is the work necessary to install them, however each floor has its benefits and drawbacks depending on the surface it is fitted to.  

We will have a chat with you about your marquee location and decide on the correct floor type based on your ground conditions.  It must be noted that both floor options will follow the contours of the land to an extent and therefore a sloping field will still give a sloping floor.  However both options will take out small lumps and bumps.

The wooden surfaces are not a polished finish and are 'rustic' to say the least ,and the extruded floor option has flush fitting aluminium struts spanning the marquee at 3 or 5m intervals.  For this reason, and unless your happy with the rough finish, we recommend going for a carpet as well.