Marquee Hire 12M x 12M

Regular price £730.00 + Vat

Clearspan professional marquee, designed for the British weather.  These Roder and Techtonic structures will take wind loading of up to 70 mph! 

The marquees are 12M wide and in 3M bays.  This listing is for a 12M x 12M marquee and includes erection and disassembly by trained staff.

This size of marquee suits large parties and wedding receptions.  They will seat about 128 people around 5ft tables for dining (8 to a table) or 65/70 guests comfortably with a dance floor, bar and seating area.  You might like to consider linings and floor to create a real wow finish.  

If hiring online please state how many 3 meter wide window walls you would like (if any), as an example on a 12M x 12M marquee you may like 8 windows (24M) and 8 solid walls (24M).

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