Event Carpet

Regular price £330.00 + Vat

50m x 4m roll (200 sq m), price is for supply only and doesn't include delivery. Please see the individual listings for fitted prices.

Event Carpet; single use carpet designed for events and weddings and ideal for marquees.

Please also note that the cream carpet is not as white in real life as depicted, although it is a more practical option than a white alternative. If however, you're looking for white (which obviously shows every mark and is difficult to keep clean) please let us know and we can arrange a special order accordingly.

If your budget doesn't stretch to new carpet we often have used carpet that is still in good condition.  These obviously tend to be in the darker colours, and we can't say what we will have until just before the event.  Let us know if this is your preferred option and we'll see what we can sort out.